Group Vision Insurance Plan

AUSA has partnered with MetLife to offer members access to competitive rates on vision insurance. For less than a weekly coffee,1 you can gain coverage for you and your family.

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Having a good vision plan is important to your overall health. That's because regular visits to your eye care professional do more than just protect your eyesight. Through routine exams, eye doctors can spot serious health problems, like diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers, and more.2

So, even if you have perfect vision, yearly exams are important. Don't let preventable health and vision problems sneak up on you. AUSA's vision insurance can help you stay on top of your care while setting your sights on better vision, helping you protect your eyesight and your wallet.

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  • Eye exams
  • Eyewear
  • Laser vision correction3

Plan Highlights4

Note that listed copays are for in-network vision providers.

  • Eye exams: covered in full after a $10 copay5
  • Standard corrective lenses: covered in full after a $25 copay5
  • Frames: covered up to a $130 allowance after a $25 copay6
  • Necessary contact lenses: covered in full after a $25 copay5, 7
  • Contact fitting and evaluation: copay not to exceed $605

Plus: Selection of eyewear from classic styles to the latest designer frames so you can choose what's right for you and your budget, along with additional discounts from participating locations

1 Accessed May 2021.

2Heiting G. Eye Exams: 5 Reasons Why They Are Important. All About Vision website. Updated: February 2021.

3Custom LASIK coverage only available using wavefront technology with the microkeratome surgical device. Other LASIK procedures may be performed at an additional cost to the member. Additional savings on laser vision care is only available at participating locations.

4Your actual savings from enrolling in the MetLife Vision Plan will depend on various factors, including plan premiums, number of visits to an eye care professional by your family per year, and the cost of services and materials received. Be sure to review the Schedule of Benefits for your plan's specific benefits and other important details.

5Once every 12 months

6Once every 24 months

7Necessary contact lenses are a Plan Benefit when specific benefit criteria are satisfied and when prescribed by Covered Person's In-Network Vision Provider. Contact lenses are provided in place of lens and frame benefits available herein.

Benefits are underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY (MetLife). Certain claims and network administration services are provided through Vision Service Plan, Rancho Cordova, CA (VSP). VSP is not affiliated with MetLife or its affiliates. Like most group benefit programs, benefit programs offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, reductions, limitations, waiting periods, and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact MetLife or your plan administrator for costs and complete details.

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